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Malamang splash screen para maipasok ang concept #1 sa ibaba.


A single page which Contains the following in Precis format:
          Urgent Action (significant portion, not just precis, but not entire)
          News & pictures of local events
          News and Pictures of international events we participated in.
          Announcement of updates to site newly constructed or updated sections, pages, etc.
          Significance of the day in gay history
          Featured feedback from admirers (quoted)
          Upcoming activities where surfers are invited (local only)
          Upcoming feature or news appearances
          Advertisement for radio programs (OK Ka Mare, Ngayon na Bayan)


          WE BELIEVE Our Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, Our Aims, Our Movers
          WE ACT Our Services
          WE BELONG Our Members (Individuals & Organizations)
          WE SUPPORT Our Volunteers
          WE'RE PROUD The Web design team
          WE'RE HERE Contact information


          Helping you set up your oganization
          Dear Lola Brigida's Counseling online
                    with reference to other types like phone, e-mail, person-to-person
                    as well as to other online counselling available on the web
          Invite us to your schools, workplace, communities, organizations
                 for fora, exchange of ideas, forging organizational relationships, exposure.
          We conduct workshops for gender sensitivity, identity, sexuality and other issues
          Consult us for your researches, theses, productions.
          Referral to other professionals
                    Priests, nuns, layworkers
          Employment opportunities (link to our job advertisers)
          Classified ads (surfers freely advertise their non-comm'l products and services)


          Pen Pals ("Contact other gays")
          Bulletin Boards ("Share and develop our collective ideas")
                  We can provide stimuli (articles, comic strips, ads) for people to react to
          Chat Room (Establish and strengthen new contacts)
          Cruising Sites (Bars, Parks, Moviehouses)
                  includes guide to cruising places
                  cruising etiquette
                  safe sex
                  safety from harassment
                  (open to contributions from readers)
                  (may not point to exact address of site, may attract harassment)


         photos of performances & competitions
         drawings & other visual arts resulting from workshops
         gay stories, poetry, and other literary pieces contributed by website visitors
         lists of art masterpieces including films, anthologies & novels,
             probably w/ summaries & reviews and/or links to reviews; focus on local products


Gay Filipino Alamanac of people and events
          Significant events in the history of gay struggle in the Philippines
          Philippine gay Hall of fame
          Philippine gay Hall of shame 
Each subsection contains a summary listing of events and people, with links to lengthier versions either local or from other sites.


          Press Releases
          ProGay Activity Reports
          Newspaper/Web News Reprints (with links and permit where needed)
          GayRap Reprints


          LGBT organizations
          LGBT supporting organizations
          Friends, Supporters, Advocates and other individuals
          Gay RESOURCES or Readings (academic discussions on both sides of the gay issue)
               Psychology (APA, etc)
               Religion (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, non-denominational)
               Current Events (News, Magazine)
               Legislation (Local & Foreign)
                        Each of these resources is a summary page w/ links to full text.


          ProGay Chapters nationwide
          Mailing List
          Gay Issues Discussion Club
          Singles support group
          Couples support group
          Gay and Lesbian Advocacy Group
          [Parents & Friends group]
                 Think of another name, choices include:
                       KKK (Kamag-anak, Kabigan, Kasintaha't Kalaguyo), Inc.
                       KKALOG (Kaibiga't Kamag-anak ng Lesbian o Gay)
                       KaPaMILYA (Kasapi ng Pederasyon at kanilang Pamilya)
          Gay & Lesbian Choir
          Be A Volunteer Professional: Laywer, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Organizer


          Donate used goods
          Advertise this organization
          Organize fund raising activities for us
          Contribute articles, stories
          Respond to Urgent Actions


Contact us*


GUIDELINES (both content and design):

  1. INTERACTIVE. For each page include mechanisms for visitors to do something (minimum feedback, medium write an article, maximum join or organize a group).
  2. *Items with asterisks are technically not menus. They MAY be rollover buttons of same color and "behavior" but they would not be considered in javascript as having named maps, layers, or CSS objects.
  3. Other elements: counter, search engine, button to bookmark the page, banner to advertise (?), credits (?), keywords for metatags, logo, background, masthead.
  4. THEMATIC. Vary some elements to remove boredom but don't overdo: background, some layout colors, wingdings, iconic symbols, etc. Themes may include
          "paper and pen" for write-ups section
          "storybook" for literary section
          "love and friendship" for penpal section
          "simple wallpaper" or "brochure layout" for homepages
          "party time" for join us
    Remember, these are variations of the same theme which should have cross-page consistency. Mere texture and color combination changes may be sufficient
  5. Will we censor adult content? Answer: know your audience.
  6. Will we include a FAQ page? Not yet, one will evolve when we find the need.
  7. Don't forget to register to search engines, or ask somebody (Felix, Tonyo, etc) to do it.
  8. Prioritize sections. We can't create all sections simultaneously. Siguro in 3 levels of priority: Must create pages, Critically evolving pages or Must Update Pages, Pages in progress of being born.

Choices of design concept:

  1. CONTINUING STRUGGLE IN THE CONTEXT OF OPPRESSION. All items are of the colors of the rainbow over a black background. Rationale: The rainbow has become an international symbol of gay pride, assertion, protest. It has originated from the struggle of gays and lesbians for society to recognize the difference and diversity of gender and sexuality, and thus the struggle of gays and lesbians not only to be recognized but to enjoy the rights supposedly afforded to other sectors of society.
         To sustain this spirit of militance, ProGay must be a constant reminder that what gave birth to this "celebration" of colors is the context of social oppression and inequities. The role of ProGay is to act as a beacon in the forefront of this struggle.
          Downside: Pinakamabigat na consideration ang printing disability ng ganitong color scheme. White text simply won't print at all.
  2. "DIVERSITY" or "PROGAY CAN BE ANYTHING TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE". Each section has a particular design scheme and the only one that is consistent across sections are the symbols. Parehong pareho ang mga symbols except that the artistic rendition of the symbols, the color schemes, the theme, and others, magkakaiba.
         This concept accepts the possibility that the surfers have different favorite sections in the site, and that each surfer willidentify easily with a particular site and probably even consider it his "ProGay Home Page".
          Generally white pa rin ang background except probably for the splash screen which can be black. (Ito yung pwedeng gawin compromise between this concept and the previous one.)