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Proposed New Concept & Menu Structure


Malamang splash screen para maipasok ang concept #1 sa ibaba.

WHAT'S NEW * aka index.html

A single page which Contains the following in Precis format:
          Urgent Action (significant portion, enough to invite others to act)
          News & pictures of local events
          News and Pictures of international events we participated in.
          Announcement of updates to site newly constructed or updated sections, pages, etc.
          Upcoming activities where surfers are invited (local only)
          Advertisement for radio programs (OK Ka Mare, Ngayon na Bayan)


          WE BELIEVE Our Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, Our Aims, Our Movers
          WE SERVE Our Services
          WE BELONG Our Members (Individuals & Organizations)
          WE'RE HERE Contact information (included in index.html of this section)


          Helping you set up your oganization
          Campaign for victims and issues
          Shelter for migrants' families who came from far flung areas
          Welfare: follow up for money claims and benefits
          Paralegal: provision of immediate legal assistance and advise from paralegal volunteers

          Dear Mac's Counseling online

Person-to-person peer counselling for migrant victims & their families; with reference to other types like phone, e-mail, person-to-person as well as to other online counselling available on the web. Mala-FAQ na page. Eventually, lalago at magkakaroon ng sorting ang mga tanong, eg, on illegal recruiters, on international laws, etc. Some questions linked to other pages within this site.

          Invite us to your schools, workplace, communities, organizations
                 for fora, exchange of ideas, forging organizational relationships, exposure.
          We conduct workshops and seminars on migrante's orientation, philippine realities, organization of self-help groups
          Consult us for your researches, theses, productions, volunteer work
          Referral to other professionals
          Classified ads (surfers freely advertise their non-comm'l products and services)


          Bulletin Boards ("Share and develop our collective ideas")

We can provide stimuli (articles, comic strips, ads) for people to react to; Needs researching of facility to include only members and block non-members

          Chat Room (Establish and strengthen new contacts)
          drawings & other visual art of migrants' children
          stories, poetry, and other literary pieces contributed by members, pwedeng militant and popular songs tungkol sa migrants, dito ang lagay.

Visual.html and literary.html will serve as tables of content of the works.


          Videos for sale
          Manuscripts (primers, orientation papers, documentation)

Short description ng bawat isa, testimonies from readers, presyo, picture ng front cover. Habang kaunti pa ang laman nito, index.html will serve as table of contents, categories lang ang videos, books and manuscripts. Pag dumami na, each will have its own page, and will act as a separate table of contents.


          Significant events in the history of migrants' struggle in the Philippines

Isang page listing ng mga significant events in history ng mga isyu, balita at pakikibaka ng migrante. May links to lengthier pages, either local or other sites. May contain excerpts from our publications, or summary listings. Pang-advertise na rin.

          Philippine migrants' Hall of fame

Pwede nang isang page lang na may listahan ng mga kontrabida sa buhay ng migrante, include full addresses kung pwede, dahil public figures naman sila karamihan.

          Philippine migrants' Hall of shame 

Sa local, i.e., within this site, sana mayroong profiles ng mga taong hinihirang nating bayani ng migranteng pinoy.


          Press Releases / Statements (isa na lang daw)
          Newspaper/Web News Reprints (with links and permit where needed)
          Urgent Action


          Member organizations (overseas) sorted per country
          Migrants' supporting organizations & advocates
          Friends profile ng mga sumuporta / sumusuporta, sana may pictures.
          RESOURCES or Readings
               Religion (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, non-denominational)
               Current Events (News, Magazine)
               Legislation (Local & Foreign)
                        Each of these resources is a summary page w/ links to full text.


          Local Member Organizations
                   KMPP: Returned migrants & families
                   KAMIYAN: Youth of migrants
                   Seafearers organizing committee
                   WARM: Migrant Advocates
          Overseas Member Organizations: sorted per country
                   Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg)
                   US (New York, California, L.A. Chicago, Seattle, etc)
                   South Korea

Each overseas member organizations info will be brief and will be contained by a single page, unless mayroon na silang sariling brochure, in which case may isang page dedicated to it, eg, Hongkong's Unifil.

          Mailing List
          Discussion Forum
          Support group for victims and their families
          Be A Volunteer Professional: Laywer, Psychologist, Psychiatrist


          Donate used goods, clothing, etc.
          Advertise this organization
          Organize fund raising activities for us
          Contribute articles, stories
          Respond to Urgent Actions
          Tell Others about Migrante


Contact us*



     Note on content

          Subsection (contains other pages)
          Page only (also a subsection but contains only a single page)
          Subsection within a page, accessible through named anchors, usually nasa index page lang o page ng immediate section above it.